GE-TO001L GEL Digital Corn Pads in a strip

ITEM Name: GEL Digital Corn Pads in a strip
Available Sizes:

S, gel diameter is about 1.8cm, tube’s circumference is about 4cm
M, gel diameter is about 2.2cm, tube’s circumference is about 5.4cm
L, gel diameter is about 3.2cm, tube’s circumference is about 7cm

Gel’s thickness is 3mm

1.Digital pads on a tube.
2.reduces pain caused by rubbing calluses, blisters, soft corns and hammer toes.
3.cuttable and flexible, you can have certain gel amount you want for each pack.
4.or it’s also good to make it strip format allows health care professionals minimize inventory space.

TPR, Elastic fabric

Standard packaging:
customized package is acceptable.

Wholesale business is our main market target, contact sales rep. for more details.