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The other shoe drops: Most are bad for feet

Those cute little roll-up ballet flats women carry in their purses to slide on during foot-pain emergencies have rapidly achieved most-favored streetwear status among millions of them — and worst-footwear status among podiatrists. When used only for their intended purpose — worn just a few minutes as relief from cramped-up or burning feet, or while …

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Gloss How-To: Curbing High Heel Pain

I am a lover of all things feminine and pretty except heels. They just are too painful to be worth the trouble! The age-old debate of heels vs. flats has been around a long time, and the truth is, although wearing high heels makes some women feel sexier and more confident, there may be drawbacks …

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Taking a Look at Plantar Fasciitis

About four months ago my heel started hurting so bad when I first stood up in the morning that it would cause a limp for a minute or two. Now, sometimes the pain lasts all day. It is always near the heel … but not always in exactly the same part of the heel. Occasionally …

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